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The white house is claiming gordon sondland exonerated The T Shirt president sondland made one huge error saying i never said their. Was evidence of a quid pro quo its was my presumption only i watched this yesterday and this reporting is. Premature and irresponsible thats a shame bbc do better the bbc is another member of the media mob at least. For once why not tell the whole story not just a story that fit the narrative of the socialist radical. Democrats it was delightful now all i want for christmas is bolton in that chair as an american it does. T Hoodie T Hoodie T Shirt is Available In All Styles

Not feel like its going to be an impeachment after all The T Shirt testimony i feel like the republicans are able. To exploit these witnesses and twist their words never thought real life is the true upside down world it feels. Like trump is going to get away with another thing with no repercussions forget the mob boss john gotti trump. Is the true teflon don all i really got out of this is sondland really needs to invest in a. Good notebook i just want to know how much this non sense will cost to all of us tax payers. T Tank Top T Tank Top T Shirt, Hoodie, Tanktop and Sweater is designed by T-Shirt Witter

Watch it do not believe The T Shirt spin media is putting out he clearly said no quid pro quo happened jeff. Quispe bill cabaniss only gets his news from fox news and trumps tweets that the extend of his all sources. So funny how many republicans are upset with bbc over the news just typical of them thank you bbc for. Bringing some impartial news the republicans needed desperately see all the republicans comments is laughable theyre so upset with read. The facts that they declare fake news to all information which does fit in their beliefs how soon can we. T Longsleeve T Longsleeve

Get raid of The T Shirt electoral college so we are not subjected to that nonsense make no mistake both parties are. Broken and corrupt and this will destroy the credibility of congress the constitution and the country no no it did. Not lol he literally said that no one ever told him that he assumed it was the case do you. Know how many bombshells there have been against trump since he took office literarily every day for the last years. We have been hearing this all this is going to show in the end is how totally morally bankrupt the. T Sweater T Sweater